JMGC has been a flying club since 1971 with the motto “Flying happily”. Though we have many gliders, we also cater to airplanes and joy flights. Many club members come to the airfield on weekends, public holidays, and weekdays. Please feel welcome to visit our airport and see what JMGC is all about. 

Founder of JMGC

JMGC owns Aviat Husky A1, Cessna 172, two Grob G109B and one glider.You can experience flying airplanes, motor gliders and gliders with our experienced pilots.

JMGC owns Aviat Husky A1, Cessna 172, two Grob G109B and one glider.You can experience flying airplanes, motor gliders and gliders with our experienced pilots.

*Training flights are only possible under Japanese aviation law if you wish to learn to fly, or fly yourself you will need Japanese license or student pilot certificate.

JMGC was first created by maintaining motor gliders that no one else could maintain.

The first motor glider in Japan, the Sportavia RF4D required a new type airworthiness inspection which was new to Japan at the time. There were a lot of challenges getting the Japanese authority to accept the new type however through a lot of effort a motor glider category was created. Out maintenance work shop receives aircraft from all over Japan for repair and maintenance. We have a team of active staff that are experienced with gliders, motor gliders and airplanes of various models and years. Our maintenance department is divided into a glider department and an airplane department. There are four qualified mechanics for airplanes and five qualified mechanics for gliders, and there are two airworthiness inspectors for gliders certified by JCAB.

Glider Maintenance

Our workshop specializes in large maintenance work such as repair work and 3000 hour inspection on gliders, which many years ago would only be repaired by sending the glider back to Germany. When we first started glider repairs we did not think we would have enough work, however over time we have built a large clientele and increased the type of repairs we can undertake. We have employed a specialist glider FRP expert and undertake airworthiness inspections on Gliders and motor gliders. 

Airplane Maintenance

Initially, we conducted airworthiness inspections on glider tow planes at each gliding field, but gradually we began to undertake airworthiness inspections, repairs, and modifications of private aircraft of various types. We carry out maintenance work on cloth covered airplanes that no one else can maintain in Japan, as well as tail wheel aircraft. We have also imported first model type aircraft into Japan and obtained airworthiness certification, such as the “Robin DR400” and the “Maule M7-235C”.
We have conducted the first airworthiness inspection of the “Gyroflug SC01B-160 “Speed Canard”, which is a well-known canard wing.

For the first time in Japan, the “Piper Super Cub”, which was originally a tail wheel type airplane, was also converted into an amphibious aircraft.

If you are interested in flying, or anything to do with recreational aircraft in Japan  or servicing, please contact JMGC.

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Japan Motor Glider Club Inc. (JMGC)
879-1 Daitokunabekoshinden Inashiki-gun Kawachi-city 
TEL:+81 297 84 3528  FAX:+81 297 84 2274
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